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Types of mosquitoes | Romantic boy [Funny Jokes, ]

Types of mosquitoes

(85) One day a teacher asked to read the student --- 
Teacher How many types of mosquitoes ...? 
Student: No mosquito type. 
Teacher: How is mosquitoes not again? 
1. The mosquito that bites only when it is sitting on it is called a raksha mosquito. 
2. The mosquito that bites in the daytime is a terrorist mosquito. 
3. The mosquito that bites into the nostrils is called the Namurudhi mosquito. 
4. The mosquito that bites when it is a chance is called a opportunistic mosquito. 
5. The mosquito that comes near the ear and sings the song to the singer mosquitoes. 
6. The person who goes through the gap with the whipping of the fish, is known as Golachut mosquito. 
7. If a mosquito bites a fever, it is a toxic mosquito. 
8. The mosquito that bites into the mosquito bites, is called a silent mosquito. 
9. If he can not breathe blood, then he is called a gluttonous mosquito.

Romantic boy

(86) The boy has gone to the girl's house. At one stage of the conversation, the boys were given the opportunity to speak privately. 
Girl: So, what did you decide? 
Boy: I have a wish before making a decision. 
Girl: What do you want? 
Boy: You will be wet with rain once. 
Girl: Oops! You romantic! 
Boy: Yeah, that's not the case. The amount of flour you have seen, you will not be able to see your real face in the rain.

Bolt Technology

(87) Once Boltu, an American and a Japanese were going abroad. So, at one point, suddenly there is a beep beating in the sky. So the American gentleman stopped pressing one place in his hand and the word was stopped. American says, "Microchip under my hand, everything from here can be controlled by my house." After a while, suddenly the phone rings ringtone. The Japanese gentleman pressed his forehead, saying, "Calling and receiving can be done only when you press the microchip under my forehead." What can be done to think about the boltu, the rate will not be accepted to them. So he got up and went to the toilet and when he came in, he found his long pants in the back of the pants, and the long Tissue paper hanging. American and Japanese say, "Hey Bahah, this technology again?" 
Bolt's answer, "And nothing else, e-mail is coming, I'm printing."

When we are in the exam

(88) If there is a question then some questions of the mind of the students ... 
good students - 
first boy, so simple questions, everyone will do well. The first is not there anymore. 
Second boy, all are common. Can you write a letter to the first person, God bless his call. 
Third Boy You have to write a lot today. It can not be spent a minute today. Even if you press the tire, you can not go outside. 
The students in the middle row- 
1st person, Wah watched a night and saw the pass mark common. 
2nd person: The Beda Safiq looked at which one did it. 
3rd person: This is something else! Read up to 8th chapter, now let's see the question of eleven chapter, Dhurra. 
Those bad students- 
1st man: When I go for an hour, this hell does not look good anymore.
Second person: Think about what status can be given on the Facebook page out of the examination hall. 
3rd person: Sir now whether Gaza is dragging? Is this the language of the Hebrew language?

Imitation TV

(89) Swamiji returned from the office and told his wife in law: - Tomorrow, you brought this necklace to your birthday. The woman complains - but you said you would give a TV show. Husband said to her husband - Hago. But the imitation TV is not yet available in the market.

Private car

(90) Teaching 
bolt in a word ... Master: Tell me the ballotu, what does he say that song? Boltu: 
Master of the song : What is that Surah, he? 
Boltu: Surikar. 
Master: Well, now say, what does he say in the private pad? Boltu: Private cars.

Something good from the tooth

(91) Talking between father and daughter - Father: 
You ran away and married my family! 
Girl: If something good happens to the stomach, then the stains are good!

I bought two tickets for you

(92) A miserable guy got a car in a lottery. The friends came running to congratulate him, but he kept quiet. 
Friends: What is the matter, why are you sitting in a lottery, you are feeling depressed? 
Crushing people: I have made a fool, I bought two tickets. It would have been a buy.

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