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There is no smell or gas, no sound or noise [Funny Jokes, ]

There is no smell or gas, no sound or noise

(81) Hallu: "Doctor, there are many problems in my stomach, but the good thing is that my gas does not smell and does not sound, I sit here for 15-20 times, but no one has ever found it."
Doctor: "Eat this medicine, and come one week later" A week later
Ablubhu: "Do you have a medicine, doctor, my gas still does not sound, but the smell comes out!"
Doctor: "Good, your nose is right; now your ear needs to be treated"


(82) A daughter came to the dentist and said,
Girl: Doctor, can you take the tooth?
Doctor: Yes, I can.
Girl: Then that would go home with me. I have to grind my grandmother's teeth.
Doctor: It can be done. Fees will be paid double.
Girl: That's not a problem, it's with me.
The doctor went to her house. She went to her grandmother and said,
Doctor: See, you have to pick a tooth?
Grandma: I have a little trouble with me on the pond.
Going to the pond, the grandmother said, the teeth in the pond have fallen down today. You give up trouble!

It's not a gun! This is your respect

(83) Training in the Military Academy is going on ...
OFFICER asked the cadet Paltu: "What is this in your hand?"
Paltu: "Sir, this gun ...!"
OFFICER: "No! It's not a gun! It's your respect, your pride, your mother is mother!"
, Then the officer asked the second cadet bolt: "What is this in your hand?"
Boltu: "Sir, it's Pultur's mother, his respect, his pride! Our aunty is aunty!

Thunder roar

(84) Boltoo went to a tea stall in a tea stall in Dhaka. Boltu was eating tea with his bike outside. The owner of the shop is again associated with cycling. The shopkeeper removed the bike. At the end of the tea, the owner of the bicycle bolt became angry. The bolt ruled the owner of the shop - "Arrange to return my bicycle immediately, or else I will do it here in Chittagong", by being frightened by his bullying, the shopkeeper returned the bicycle from the thieves and returned him. The interested people wanted to know what did he lost in cycles in Chittagong? Boltu replied with pride: "What do I do? I did not get the bike and went home.

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