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Kepta ,Doctor, Engineer and Lawyer! Meet the girl ,Friend meeting [Funny Jokes, ]


(93) A miserly person saw an advertisement in a newspaper that a mortal patient needs blood. Because of his association with the group, he contacted the patient like the address given in the magazine. So the miserly person gave blood to 1 patient blood. The patient's gentleman earned a hundred thousand rupees for the poor man. After a few months of that the patient needed blood again, he told the miserable man. The miserly man gave blood in 1 lakh of ruby ​​and one bag of blood. After giving blood, the patient's gentleman gave him 100 notes of Tk 100. The miserable person said to him, after giving the blood before the brother gave me one lakh rupees, why today 100 taka? The man replied, "What can I do, brother, the blood of the crystals in my body?"

Doctor, Engineer and Lawyer!

(94) A doctor, an engineer and a solicitor at the time of his profession has arrived. The doctor said, 'The people came first. We work with people's diseases, so treatment is the oldest. The engineer does not agree to agree, 'But people have to build their homes before coming! Then the engineer comes first. ' Now the lawyer's turn- Mister, before making the house, the man had to become the owner of the land by suicides, did he? Then you tell me, whose profession comes first

Meet the girl

(95) A man has been watching the girl for many years. But she does not like any of her daughters. For years he has been watching the girl. Then after seeing a girl, there is a problem in the dam. The girl's mother becomes unconscious after seeing the pot. After the return of Hush, everyone asked him why, why he looked at the pot? The mother said, 20 years ago she came to see me too!

Friend meeting

(96) Seeing two friends after a long time. Asking one of the other people about how the job is going on one side of the story on different issues - 
First friend: Today I resign from the job. 
Second friend: Why? What are you saying? What happened to the owner? 
First friend: Do not say that, the MD of the company, which is said to be called, can not work in that office. 
Second friend: So the Sentimental Hos Rey? If you want to work, Basak has to hear a little bit. Tell me what MD said to you? 
First friend: He handed a letter and said, at this moment you dismissed me.

Lock the door

(97) Shamsu opens his own door and brings it to the market! One person asked this to see 
: People: Do not sell your door or door? 
Shamsu: No brother, you need to change the door lock, the key is lost! 
People: But if a thief enters the house? 
Shamsu: How to enter? The door is mine!


(98) Smuggler Kallu Khan called up her seagaread, 'Do not see if there is any police in the street.' Shortly thereafter, a group of seagarers appeared with police. Said, 'Ustad, there was no police anywhere in the street, so I got called from the police station! 

Marriage with rickshawlara 

(99) Girlfriend-boyfriend both are failing in the examination. Because of not being ashamed to talk to two phones that night. 
Girl: Know, Dad is telling me to stop studying! Let me marry Rickshaw! 
Boy: Do not worry, my father has tried to teach me rickshaw rickshaw!

Hindi Serial

(100) Once a young woman got the taste of aladdin. The monster appeared to rub. Then the three desires of the young woman - 
I wish, make me many patient. 
Give the second desire, the ability and understanding of the world's witchcraft and diplomacy. 
3rd will, give something that will never end. 
Then the demon put him to see the Hindi serial!

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